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Pergolas and the Transformative Power of Landscape Design

When it comes to outdoor design, there are few things as impactful as a carefully constructed pergola. Situated in the center of New York City, Privlux Inc is pleased to introduce a carefully curated selection of high-end pergolas created to enhance your outdoor area. Allow us to lead you into the realm of landscape design, demonstrating how our stunning pergolas can become the focal point of your outdoor sanctuary.

A platform for contemporary simplicity

Step into a realm of modern elegance with Visualize, an innovative design made to seamlessly integrate with current outdoor settings. Embrace the minimalistic design and clean lines as a simple backdrop to enhance the beauty of your surroundings. Improve the look of the Pergola with chic, geometric planters filled with architectural grasses and succulents to provide a striking contrast to its modern aluminum frame. Improve the area by incorporating colorful, sculptural plants such as agave or yucca to add a burst of energy, creating a lively and elegant atmosphere.

Framing the beauty of nature

The Skyview Pergola is the perfect choice for nature lovers looking to design a landscape inspired by the elements. Welcome the wide-ranging vistas provided by Skyview Pergola, encompassed by verdant foliage to establish a feeling of harmony with the nearby scenery. Enable climbing plants like wisteria or clematis to ascend the pergola, forming a varied and lively visual showcase that shifts throughout the seasons. Enhance the beauty of the outdoor area by adding stone pathways, cascading water features, and rustic wooden furniture to create a peaceful atmosphere that encourages visitors to engage with nature.

Classic elegance

LuxShade Pergola is created to blend harmoniously with its environment, epitomizing subtle elegance in any outdoor setting. Surround LuxShade Pergola with a lush garden of soft grasses and delicate flowering shrubs to evoke a feeling of peace and elegance. Enhance visual appeal by incorporating carefully positioned boulders, artistic planters, and decorative grasses to bring depth and dimension that captivates attention and stimulates the senses. Bring a warm and welcoming ambiance to the room by using gentle, ambient lighting, ideal for cozy gatherings and peaceful reflections.

Intimate outdoor environment

Perfect for designing cozy and welcoming outdoor areas, the Uptrack Pergola provides countless possibilities for artistic expression in landscape design. Encircle the Uptrack Pergola with a dense and green cover of plants like climbing roses, jasmine, or honeysuckle to provide a feeling of seclusion and privacy. Use elements like reclaimed wood, weathered stone, and woven textiles to bring warmth and texture to the area, creating a rustic yet elegant feel. Improve the atmosphere of Uptrack Pergola by adding comfortable seating, plush decorations, and glowing candles, turning it into a peaceful location for guests to relax and reconnect with the outdoors.

As you begin your journey to enhance your outdoor area, Privlux Inc. is the ideal partner who will guide you towards style and refinement. We provide a carefully chosen variety of high-quality pergolas, such as Visualize, Skyview, LuxShade, and Uptrack, to serve as the ideal foundation for your landscape project. Get in touch with us now and discover the beauty of landscaping with Privlux Inc.

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