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Buying a Custom Pergola

Can I order a pergola or awning online?

All of our products are custom-made. Therefore it is not possible to order online. Please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your project and someone will be in touch to help you out.


Can I buy directly from Privlux?

Privlux sells all pergolas, awnings, and shades through a large network of dealers. We are happy to put you in touch with a dealer in your area. Contact us for more information.


Can I buy a pergola kit from you to build it myself?

Unfortunately, we do not sell pergola kits. All Privlux products are custom-designed and installed by our network of professional installers.


Where can I buy a Privlux pergola or awning?

Contact us to find a Privlux dealer near you who will help order and custom design a pergola and awning solution to match your outdoor needs.


How long does it take for my pergola or awning to be delivered and installed?

There are many factors that will impact delivery and installation timeframes. Our average project takes 16-20 weeks from the time of deposit.


Is there a list of locations where I can come in and see the products?

At the moment we don’t have a showroom but we plan to have one in the near future.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we happily stand behind our products. All pergolas and awnings have a 3-year guarantee. Our lighting products have a one-year guarantee.


What is the manufacturer's warranty?

Same as our guarantee


What is your return policy?

We don’t offer a return policy since everything we sell is custom-designed and made to order.

Product Questions About Pergolas and Awnings 

Do all your pergolas come with lighting options?

Yes, all of our pergolas have lighting options. Each pergola is custom-designed for our customers’ projects. 


Where can I see the specifications for your pergolas?

Email us at and include the name of the design you see on our website that you are interested in.


Can I see some real-life examples of your projects and installations?

Yes, we post regularly to our Instagram account and you can see some examples on our projects page.


Where are your products manufactured?

The majority of our products are manufactured in Italy, the legendary birthplace of the pergola.


Some of our pool shades are manufactured in the US.

What colors are available for your pergolas and awnings?

We have a standard palate of available colors including:

  • Iron Gray

  • Grey Sand

  • Ivory

  • White 

  • Corten


We can also produce any RLA colors for an additional fee.






Can you produce a custom color match for projects?

We are happy to create custom colors for your pergola. We offer all RLA colors for an additional fee.


How much do your pergolas and awnings cost?

There are many factors that determine costs including size, type, and features. Here are some average, ballpark costs – the final price will be determined based on your project specifications.


Shades $3-8K


T-track $8-15K

Uptrack $25+


Lux shades /Sky View / Visualize $40K+

Where can I see and compare prices?

We are happy to review your project and work up estimated costs for comparison purposes. Give us a call to discuss.

Why Are European luxury pergolas and awnings better than American-made products?

That’s an interesting question. The pergola originated in Europe, and in our experience, we’ve found that the best brands and manufacturing come from Europe. This is not a reflection on American manufacturing quality – we source some of our pool shades right here in the USA – but merely a conclusion based on the current state of pergola and awning manufacturing.


Do your products use any recycled materials?

Most of our products are manufactured with new materials, but some of the shades can be ordered using recyclable materials. To discuss this in more detail, please give us a call.


Do your pergolas come with sensors to control the awnings? 

Yes, all of our pergolas are installed with our proprietary sensor technology that we developed specifically for our products. The sensors can be programmed so that you don’t have to manually adjust shade systems and to react to outdoor weather changes. When you purchase a pergola from Privlux the sensors are included in your price. If you want to buy just the sensor system the cost is $8-9K.

Color swatches showcasing various pergola finishes and hues.

Pergola Installation and Projects

Do you work on residential projects?

Yes, we have installed pergolas and awning systems in many residential properties. (We love working on residential properties. You can see pictures of some of our residential installations of pergolas, awnings systems, and pool shades on our projects page. (LINK)


Do you work on commercial projects?

Yes, we have built many outdoor spaces for commercial use including restaurants, cafes, and hotels.


Can you put a pergola on a roof?

Yes, we can design and install a customer pergola on a roof, whether it’s for an outdoor entertainment space on the roof of a hotel or to enhance a terrace apartment. These projects do require some additional engineering. Please contact us to discuss your project ideas.


Do you make pergolas and awnings for commercial properties, including rooftop pools and event spaces, or outdoor restaurant and cafe patios?

Yes, we offer many options for commercial properties and businesses of all types. Let’s discuss your project and see how we can help.


Do you protect/honor/work with designers, architects, contractors, and other trade customers?

We don't sell directly to consumers. The only way to order or purchase a Privlux system is to work with one of our dealers.

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