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Incorporating Water Features with Your Pergola for a Serene Summer Escape | Pergola Ideas

Updated: Jun 18

Wide shot of our pergola showcasing an expansive outdoor living area with a bar, sun loungers, and a pool

Headquartered in New York, Privlux Inc. is a renowned provider of premium outdoor solutions. Our focus lies on providing an extensive assortment of European pergolas and awnings fashioned from the finest materials available. Each product we offer is tailor-made to enhance your alfresco spaces' aesthetics, utility, and comfort through our bespoke design methodology. Our custom-built features enable you to relish uninterrupted usage throughout every season despite adverse weather conditions. To further elevate your experience outdoors all-year-round- be it rain or shine -we furnish lighting systems that illuminate well into the night hours with added heating units for blistering winters plus fans for hot summer days while ensuring each structure is both UV and climate-resistant.

Revamp your backyard this summer and create a peaceful retreat by integrating water elements with your pergola. The tranquil melodies of flowing water can establish a calm environment, ideal for unwinding and rejuvenation. This article will delve into diverse concepts that incorporate fountains, ponds or mini cascades near your pergola while providing recommendations on the perfect designs to complement each feature.


Standalone fountains offer great versatility and can seamlessly blend into any outdoor area. By placing a stunning stone or ceramic fountain beside your pergola, you instantly infuse an air of refinement while providing the tranquil melody of water flow for ultimate relaxation. Lusxhade's robust structure with its retractable cover creates an ideal setting to showcase a standalone fountain that even has built-in ambient lights perfect for evening enhancements.

If you are constrained by space, contemplate mounting a wall fountain alongside your pergola. Wall fountains conserve space and furnish an elegant, upright water characteristic. For a frugal and utilitarian preference, Visualize's personalized add-ons along with its enclosed framework may smoothly blend in to feature a wall fountain. The modifiable blades facilitate regulation of sunlight and air circulation to intensify the serene ambiance produced by the aquatic aspect.


A beautiful koi pond can enhance the elegance and peace of your yard. Position it adjacent to your pergola for a delightful view of vibrant fish swimming amidst gentle water movements. The Skyview is an apt choice for individuals who desire unobstructed surroundings, as it pairs perfectly with a koi pond. Its versatile blades easily transform into skylights, providing natural light that illuminates both the pool and sky, creating an enchanting interplay between them both.

A serene and elegant water feature, the reflecting pond embodies a minimalist approach. The tranquil stillness of its waters reflects both sky and landscape for an undeniably peaceful visual effect. When paired with the sleek aluminum structure of Uptrack - complete with retractable cover - this solid design brings together pergola and pond to create one cohesive outdoor haven that exudes calm serenity.

Small Waterfalls

Adding cascading waterfalls to your outdoor space brings a dynamic element with the pleasing sound of falling water. Whether integrated into a rock garden or pond, these falls elevate visual appeal. Consider using Visualize for this addition as it offers total protection and various customization options- perfect for creating an ideal setting that enhances sensory experiences via natural air recirculation and brightness adjustment abilities.

Tiered waterfalls on the other hand, offer a striking visual display and produce a relaxing sound. These water features can be tailored to cascade into either a small basin or pond. The Luxshade pergola, known for its durable composition and adjustable lighting choices, complements the beauty of such waterfalls impeccably. Its built-in lights effectively illuminate every tier producing an enchanting spectacle at night time!

Photo of a pond surrounded by lush greenery with a pergola in the background

Pergola Ideas and More

Incorporating water elements into your pergola design offers more than just a visual boost to your backyard. It can usher in feelings of serenity and calmness as you listen to the gentle flow of water, encouraging a much-needed escape from our hectic routines. During summer days, this feature is improved by its ability to refresh even those basking beyond it - inviting both you and loved ones outside for some well-deserved relaxation time amid nature's blessings!

Looking to create a peaceful summer retreat in your outdoor area? Stay connected with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok @privluxinc for additional tips and hacks on pergola upgrades and discover how Privlux can transform your pergola ideas into tangible realities.

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