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Exploring Pergola Improvements with Privlux Inc.’s Selection of Add-Ons and Accessories

For ages, pergolas have been the best places to enjoy the beauty of nature while hiding from the sun or rain. However, you must invest in pergola improvements if you want your outdoor sanctuary to reach its full potential. In Privlux Inc., we offer a wide range of accessories and add-ons that are designed to make your pergola more stylish, comfortable and functional than ever before.

Privlux Inc. is a great source of high quality outdoor solutions. We are known for providing European made custom awnings and pergolas that suit your individual preferences as well as your way of life in New York City. Our devotion to innovation and craftsmanship is aimed at transforming your open space into an abode for relaxation during any season.

Now let’s go through some of the accessories and add-ons offered by Privlux Inc. for enhancing your pergola:

LED Lines: Highlight the best features of your pergola with flexible LED lighting options which bring mood as well as functionality into it.

Spotlights and Quadra Lights: These recessed LED lights are a convenient choice for directing light to certain parts of the pergola, enabling you to make use of your garden or terrace at night. Privlux Inc. offers the Spot Light and Quadra Light, LED spotlights that can be dimmed based on your choices and are integrated into the blades, featuring a built-in electrical system.

Step Lights: Placed strategically on the posts, step lamps provide customizable white light beams that can be aimed upwards, downwards, or in both directions to effectively light up your surroundings.

Shades: Customize shade options to provide both privacy and sun protection that complement the design and style of your pergola.

Glass: Enhance the sophistication of your pergola by adding glass elements, offering clear views and protection from the weather.

Shelves: The Mod-Lines extension provides customized shelves, drawers, and open modules for distinctive built-in furniture which can be mounted on walls or ceilings. Personalize colors, LED lights, and glass shelf additions for completely unique designs.

Drapes: The drapes collection includes decorative, custom-made curtains made to decorate pergolas and outdoor areas. Tailored and offered in various colors, these curtains that can slide or be mounted on the ceiling bring a hint of delicate sophistication to your outdoor sanctuary.

Undercovers: Enhance the appearance of your pergola by adding undertile fabric covers to conceal PVC sheet covers. Undercovers are offered in three different colors to enhance the ambiance of outdoor spaces, making them more inviting and enjoyable.

Set Platforms: Enhance your pergola setup by ensuring a strong base for furniture and decorations, creating an ideal outdoor retreat for leisure and hosting.

Making enhancements to a pergola is not just a smart choice, but also a game-changing one. With the addition of these accessories and extras from Privlux Inc., you can transform your pergola into a lavish sanctuary that showcases your individual taste and elevates your enjoyment of outdoor living. Don't accept a basic outdoor area when you can have something exceptional.

Get in touch with Privlux Inc. now to optimize your pergola and awnings based on your liking, and begin a journey of unmatched outdoor opulence and coziness.

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