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10 Cool Summer Activities for Kids Under Your Pergola | Outdoor Activities

Updated: Jun 18

Wide shot of Privlux pergola showing a living room and outdoor furniture, perfect for kids to play in.

Privlux, headquartered in New York, is a top provider of premium outdoor products. Our focus is on providing a diverse selection of top-quality European pergolas and awnings. Each of our items is individually created to enhance the appearance, functionality, and comfort of your outdoor spaces. Our exclusive pergolas and awnings allow you to enjoy your exterior area throughout every season, no matter what nature throws at you. We construct our durable pergolas withstanding both UV rays and inclement weather while offering additional features such as lighting systems, heating units, or fans for ultimate relaxation options in any surroundings.

This summer, get ready to keep the entire family engaged with these outdoor activities that can be enjoyed under our pergolas. Our pergolas offer an ideal setting for various enjoyable and educational summer activities for children, whether they are for play, learning, or relaxation.

  1. Movie nights in the open air – Create an unforgettable family movie night by turning your pergola into an outdoor theater. Hang a portable screen or white sheet, and use a movable projector for the best viewing experience. The Skyview pergola with its open-air design is perfect for watching movies under starry skies! Ensure everyone can relax in comfort during the flick while munching on some popcorn to complete their fantastic time at home!

  2. Station for crafting – Create an artistic hub beneath your pergola where children can express their creativity. Equip them with essential items like paper, markers, glue and a variety of craft materials available at the station. With Visualize Pergola's adaptable blades and weatherproof features in place, kids will have access to ample illumination and comfortable conditions for crafting all day long!

  3. Reading Nooks – Transform an inviting corner for reading and relaxation with bean bags, blankets, and a compact bookshelf. The LuxShade pergola is an ideal haven equipped with adjustable covering and built-in illumination that allows kids to delve into their beloved books regardless of the weather outside.

  4. Waterplay area –  Create a water play zone to stay cool! Incorporate inflatable pools, water balloons and sprinklers. Shield your kids from sunburns and heat exhaustion with the help of Uptrack pergola - its waterproof PVC cover combined with robust aluminium construction ensures that children can enjoy aquatic activities without any worries.

  5. Gardening projects –  You can initiate your children to the joys of gardening by establishing a petite garden beneath your pergola. Outfit them with essential tools, pots, topsoil and seeds. Thanks to Visualize's natural air recirculation and capacity for brightness regulation, it serves as an optimal location for plant growth!

  6. Science experiments – Perform entertaining and informative scientific experiments. Basic tasks such as creating slime or baking soda volcanoes can be highly enjoyable. The LuxShade pergola offers a practical solution with its shielding attributes and expansive area, enabling hassle-free cleaning of any residue following the activities.

  7. Burgers and barbecues – Arrange for a family barbecue beneath your pergola, complete with grilling facilities. Involve children in easy chores like putting together burger toppings and handling skewers. The versatile Skyview pergola can open or shut its roof as required to guarantee an all-weather dining experience that offers the ideal outdoor banquet backdrop.

  8. Exercise and Yoga – To promote physical activity, establish an area dedicated to yoga and exercise that includes yoga mats and uncomplicated workout gear. The durable Uptrack pergola boasts a broad expanse and robust framework which delivers plenty of roominess for diverse activities while ensuring steadiness.

  9. An Art Gallery Outdoors – Inspire your children to unleash their artistic talents and organize an alfresco art exhibit beneath the canopy of your pergola. Outfit them with canvases, paints, and brushes to foster originality. Either fasten string-and-clothespin arrangements or perch upon easels for display purposes—both options work marvelously well! The customizability capabilities afforded by the Visualize pergola lend themselves seamlessly towards this endeavor; it facilitates a wonderful ambiance that will captivate you while witnessing each other's gorgeous creations!

  10. Scavenger Hunt in Nature – Arrange a scavenger hunt for kids to explore nature. Compile a catalog of objects that can be found in the backyard and encourage them to locate these items. The LuxShade pergola, with its expansive size and safety elements, serves as an ideal center point for children to convene and exchange discoveries.

Children happily playing in the pool during summer under Privlux pergola.

Looking to turn your backyard into a summer paradise? Look no further than our premium pergolas, the ideal enhancement for any outdoor area. With style, comfort and flexibility suitable for all family activities, Privlux offers endless inspiration with an Instagram and TikTok account full of project stories that show how we make dreams become realities!

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