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Turn Your Pergola into a Winter Delight with These Simple Décor Tips

Do you own a restaurant that features a pergola as an outdoor dining area in the summer months? Or do you have a store where a pergola serves as an outdoor display area in the summer?

a restaurant that features a pergola and outdoor eating area

Why should you stop using your pergola now? With the winter holidays coming up, decorating your pergola for Christmas or Hannukah can boost business. And let’s not forget that other holidays will be happening in December and January. Some African Americans will celebrate Kwanzaa, Hindus will celebrate Lohri, Buddhists will celebrate Bodhi Day, Muslims will celebrate Ashura, and Eastern Orthodox Christians will be getting ready for a Christmas of their own in early January. The festivities go on and on.

Here are decorating ideas that can help keep your pergola humming with visitors in the coming colder months. Please note that some of these ideas can also be used to decorate the pergola that is next to your house, in your town parks – anywhere a pergola is located.

Winter Decorating Tips for Your Pergola

  • Install a hot cocoa station – or a coffee or tea counter.

  • Add an outdoor fireplace or patio heaters to keep your Christmas pergola warm and cozy.

  • Add wreaths to the posts or entrances of the pergola for a touch of traditional charm.

  • Arrange comfortable outdoor seating with plaid or holiday-themed cushions and throws.

  • Hang decorative candle lanterns from the pergola or place them on tables for a warm and cozy glow. Be sure to use LED flameless candles for safety.

  • Hang fresh or artificial garlands along the perimeter of the pergola, incorporating pine, cedar, and holly for a classic holiday look.

  • Hang oversized shatterproof Christmas ornaments from the pergola's beams. And attach smaller ornaments to the garlands.

  • Hire singers from your local college or high school to sing for special holiday occasions.

  • Incorporate outdoor-friendly Christmas decor like Santa figures, reindeer, or light-up snowmen.

  • Place floodlights outside the pergola and point them at it to help attract visitors and create a festive atmosphere.

  • Play holiday music if it will not bother neighbors.

  • Set up a nativity scene in your pergola if you celebrate Christmas for its religious significance.

  • Spray artificial snow on the pergola's surfaces to create a winter wonderland effect. And add faux snowflakes or snow-covered branches for extra charm.

  • String white or multicolored lights along the beams and rafters of the pergola to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

  • Tie large red or green bows around the posts or drape ribbon throughout the pergola.

  • Use essential oil diffusers to spread the scent of cinnamon, pine, or gingerbread.

  • Use icicle lights to mimic the look of falling snow.

Remember to consider your local weather conditions when decorating your pergola for the holidays and choose weather-resistant or outdoor-rated decor.

To Create a Charming and Festive Holiday Pergola

What kind of atmosphere will your pergola create for the holidays?

For inspiration and practical knowledge, be sure to visit Privlux's project page, to get a sense of the high-quality pergolas available to you. While you are visiting, be sure to fill out the online form and get a free quote on the pergola of your dreams.

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