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The Personal Touch: How to Incorporate Custom Details into Your Pergola

I recently visited a woman who had installed a pottery wheel in her pergola. It made perfect sense for her. Pottery was her hobby and her greatest joy. Why shouldn’t she set aside part of her pergola to be a pottery workshop in the warm summer months? She had also installed shelves on one wall of the pergola where she could store her “fresh off the wheel” pots until they were ready to be glazed.

Your pergola, just like the rooms inside your house, can be customized to support and express your individual tastes, hobbies, and pursuits. Pergolas don’t need to be impersonal and identical to each other.

Why not get creative and make your pergola truly your own? Let’s look at some questions to ask if you want to take your pergola to that next, higher level.

What Do You Love to Do?

This is the first, most basic question to ask. It’s amazing that so few people ask it at all when designing a pergola.

  • If you love to read . . . you can create a cozy reading nook in a corner of your pergola

  • If you love to garden . . . you can include a potting bench and hang plants from the top and beams of your pergola

  • If you love to soak in a hot tub . . . you can build one into your pergola

  • If you love to cook . . . you can install an outdoor cooking island

  • If you love your Corvette, Porsche or other car, have that brand’s logo computer-embossed on the floor or on a panel and display it proudly

You’re getting the idea. Don’t hide your favorite activities and pursuits. Find a way to build them into your pergola.

Outdoor kitchen space as part of a larger outdoor living project

Is There a Specific Design Style or Aesthetic You Want to Express?

You can pinpoint your aesthetic easily because you can see it in your home.

  • If your home is minimalist modern . . . the design of your pergola can be the same

  • If you like craftsman style . . . talk to your pergola builder to have your pergola embody aspects of Stickley/craftsman design

  • If your landscape design incorporates beautiful stonework and masonry . . . your pergola can do the same

Your pergola can project your favorite kind of design . . . and carry your design aesthetic outdoors.

Do You Want Your Pergola to Project Your Personal “Brand” or Your Family?

There are many ways to personalize your pergola even further.

  • Have your family’s initial or name sand-blasted onto a piece of tempered glass or plexiglass and incorporate it into your pergola’s design at eye level

  • Have that same initial or name computer-milled onto a wood panel and make it part of the pergola’s floor or other prominent area

  • If there is a particular color or detail that you have used extensively in your home, use it again in your pergola

Why Settle for a “Cookie Cutter” Pergola that’s Like all the Others?

Get personal! With some imagination and help from a top pergola designer like Privlux, your pergola can express all the things you value the most.

Be sure to visit Privlux, the leading provider of high-quality pergolas. While you are there, fill out the online form and get a free quote on designing the fully customized pergola you have always wanted.

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