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Seasonal Plants to Grow Around Your Pergola This Summer | Pergola Ideas

Updated: Jun 18

Privlux Inc. is a leading supplier of top-quality outdoor products that are based in New York. Our primary focus lies on supplying an extensive range of exquisite European pergolas and awnings designed specifically to enhance the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and comfortability of your outdoor spaces. All our exceptional items are custom-made to fit your unique preferences while ensuring year-round usability regardless of weather conditions with features such as UV protection, resistance against harsh climatic conditions coupled up with versatile lighting options along heating solutions plus fan installations.

Close-up shot of a vibrant yellow flower in full bloom during summer.

As summer approaches us rapidly it's important now more than ever for you to consider how best we can transform those idle out-door areas into lively relaxation hubs by implement seasonal plants which will not only enrich these environments aesthetically but also offer tranquillity environs great ambiance making them highly welcoming. Here below find five different hearty species pairing flawlessly alongside any one Privlux' stunningly curated customized pergola/awning designs:


During the summer, Bougainvillea flourishes with its vivid hues and tough nature. Its blooms are as striking as they come in shades of pink, red and purple that give a much-needed burst of color to any space. The sophisticated Visualize pergola is an excellent partner for this plant with its sleek aluminum build creating a stunning contrast against Bougainvillea’s vibrant flowers. Furthermore, it features blades capable of turning 140 degrees which allows better air circulation resulting in improved growth for the plant.


The exquisite aroma and stunning purple blossoms of lavender have earned it a renowned status for its calming effects. Flourishing under direct sunlight with minimal maintenance needs, this plant is an ideal fit for the summer season. To complement the beauty of lavender perfectly, one can opt for Skyview pergola that offers all-around openness to relish unrestricted views. Adorned with slender louvers forming intermittent spaces on top allowing ample sun rays penetration into every crevice beneath nourishes your lavenders' growth ideally! Besides natural warmth-laced breezes throughout extended hours often pose threats from UV radiations; in such cases, Slide Glass windows & vertical Zip Shades offer reliable protection against harsh weather conditions during warmer times.


Jasmine is a scented plant that flowers during the summer months, giving off white or yellow blooms. It is ideal for setting up a romantic and peaceful ambiance. The LuxShade pergola, perfect for jasmine, comes with a retractable cover and can easily blend in with any environment. The longevity of the aluminum frame and stainless steel parts is guaranteed, with the added bonus of RGB perimeter LED lights that can enrich the appearance of jasmine flowers during the nighttime.


The honeysuckle, a climbing plant renowned for emitting a fragrant scent and featuring tubular flowers that lure hummingbirds and butterflies, is best suited for areas with full sunlight where it can rapidly flourish. The Uptrack pergola offers an ideal option to manifest alluring atmospheres in your garden; the durable aluminum structure coupled with its motorized retractable cover guarantees ample support required by the trailing vine while also enhancing its splendor during twilight hours via LED Line lights illumination.


With cascading clusters of striking blue or purple flowers, Wisteria is an exceptional vine that adds elegance and drama to your pergola. It pairs flawlessly with our latest bioclimatic model - the Carrera Pergola. The movable aluminum blades in this sophisticated 3D roof structure create a perfect atmosphere for wisteria vines to climb and drape around it seamlessly. Moreover, thanks to cutting-edge weather sensors technology used by us coupled with intelligent blade movement capabilities guarantees optimal sunlight exposure all day long ensuring healthy growth of these beautiful plants!

Wide shot of our pergola surrounded by lush greenery, with an inviting outdoor dining area beneath it

By adding seasonal flora around your pergola, you can enhance its aesthetic appeal and create a more pleasant and cozy outdoor environment. These plants offer shade, purify the air, and even draw in helpful wildlife to transform your pergola into an authentic summer sanctuary.

Pergola Ideas and More

Privlux Inc. is dedicated to supporting you in designing your pergola ideas and more, utilizing our personalized pergolas and awnings. Discover more about what we have to offer by engaging with us online today! Follow us @privluxinc on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram as well as TikTok for valuable information firsthand. Connect with us to create a summer-ready oasis right outside of your home!

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