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  • Barry Lenson

Pergolas Are Popping Up Everywhere - Here’s Why

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Have you noticed that pergolas are popping up like mushrooms in your town, in the next town – everywhere? If you have seen that happening, your eyes have not deceived you. Construction of new pergolas has tripled since year 2020 in the United States and around the world. According to Pergola Markets Overview, a market study from Verified Market Reports, people will spend $18 million on pergolas in year 2024. And by 2030, that number is projected to grow to $28 million.

Why Have People Gone Mad for Pergolas?

There are many reasons. One is that pergolas make living in any home a lot more fun and luxurious. Another is that they deliver more value than just about any other home improvement. A pergola can offer you the additional useable space of an extra room, but at far less cost than expanding your home. Then there is the fact that a pergola adds to the visual appeal and market value of a home – for much less money than any other renovation.

Pergola with a lake view and outdoor living space

So, how are people using pergolas today? Let’s look at some of the most popular pergola options:

  • As outdoor spaces to read and relax - Pergolas offer a peaceful retreat for relaxation. By equipping them with comfortable outdoor chairs and chaises or a hammock, you can create a place to unwind, read a book, or nap outdoors.

  • As shade structures - Pergolas are great for providing shade in outdoor spaces. Protection from the sun will vary with the type of material that covers the top of your pergola. Open wooden slats provide little protection, but if you want more, consider a canvas or nylon top. And you can add shade curtains on the side or a retractable top for more coverage.

  • As outdoor dining areas – This is one of the most popular uses for pergolas. Placing a four-season dining table and chairs under the pergola allows you to enjoy meals al fresco while enjoying a shady and pleasant atmosphere.

  • As enclosures for spas and hot tubs. Pergolas can enclose them, creating a private, shaded, and sheltered area for soaking and relaxation.

  • As entertainment areas - You can set up an outdoor kitchen, a barbecue grill, and seating for hosting parties. And increasingly today, pergola owners are adding a television for watching sports or movies.

  • As garden accents – Several smaller pergolas can be used as archways or gateways in gardens or along pathways, adding elegance and definition. Freestanding pergolas can also be used as a focal point in a garden or landscaped area. When covered in climbing plants like roses, wisteria, or jasmine, they can create pleasant visual accents in larger gardens.

  • As a setting for weddings and other events - We recently heard about a family that erected a pergola shortly before the marriage of their daughter. It provided a setting for the exchange of vows, a shaded area for guests to sit as well as an elegant setting for taking photos. They adorned the pergola with flowers, gauzy side drapes and decorations to create a romantic atmosphere.

To Write Your Own Chapter in the History of Pergolas . . .

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