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Creating Your Own Summer Oasis: Combining Pools and Pergolas | Outdoor Living

Updated: Jun 18

Privlux pergola with retracted louvers installed by the pool, providing a stylish and shaded outdoor lounging area with clear views of the surrounding landscape

Privlux Inc. specializes in the production of high-quality, custom-made European pergolas and awnings that can transform outdoor spaces into luxurious retreats. Located in New York, our creative answers make outdoor spaces look more attractive, work better and be more comfortable for outdoor living all year round despite the weather conditions. Starting from smart designs to such advanced features as remote controls and integrated lighting, Privlux Inc. is your one-stop solution provider towards having the best outdoor living chance.

In preparation for summer, you can transform your back yard by integrating a pool with a pergola and have a very stylish relaxing oasis. Combining these two entities not only enhances your garden’s aesthetic appearance but also provides practical advantages. The pergola creates shade, privacy and defines space for relaxation thereby making your swimming area more enjoyable and functional. Instead of this summer; mix some pools with pergolas to give an escape perfect entertaining or unwinding. So how do we seamlessly mesh our range of pergolas with different pool designs to create your dream summer oasis? Let’s explore below.

House pool area with outdoor furniture and lush landscaping, creating a relaxing and inviting outdoor space


The Visualize pergola is designed to extend living spaces outside by blurring the line between the indoors and the outdoors. This bioclimatic pergola will easily fit into contemporary pool designs. These blades can be rotated to allow for natural ventilation and manipulation of light, therefore ensuring your pool area remains cool and shaded. The structure has different customizable finishes and accessories that ensure complete protection during bad weather. Picture yourself lying beside the pool beneath this beautiful Visualize pergola as you enjoy a blend of sun and shade.


The LuxShade pergola is an indispensable element in any swimming pool area, with a sleek architecture that blends with its environment. This canopy works equally well in both open areas as well as more secluded ones. With its stainless-steel components and aluminum structure, it can cover large areas, providing enough shade for your poolside needs. Featuring RGB perimeter LED lights and a tilt gutter system, LuxShade allows for daytime or evening use in a classy yet practical setting. Modernise your leisure near the swimming area using luxurious features on this LuxShade pergola.


For those who love an unobstructed view of the sky, Skyview Pergola is a good choice. It has narrow blades that allow you to look at the sky directly and hence it would be excellent for integrating with your pool area. The Skyview Premium version comes with vertical Zip Shades and sliding glass windows so you can enjoy flexibility to use it in any weather condition. As You Lounge Beside Your Pool Enjoy Open Skies And Shade, At The Same Time. The Skyview pergola brings elegance and versatility to your outdoor paradise.


Designed to create inviting environments in gardens or terraces Uptrack pergola makes a perfect accompaniment to any pool area. This pergola’s solid aluminum structure can be used within several spans covering large areas up to 42 feet wide. PVC fabric in its retractable cover provides shading and waterproofing services which are motorized for convenience. Internal gutters replace Outer Gutters, therefore keeping Uptrack sleek and very clean due to its water flow mechanism inside the posts. Apart from functional options such as perimeter awnings and optional LED Line lights, the Uptrack enhances the aesthetic value of your poolside retreat.


The newest addition to our bioclimatic selections, Carrera pergola has a unique roofing system consisting of fixed and movable aluminum blades. It is an interesting design that provides a 3D roof feel that is sophisticated enough for any beautiful swimming pool area. Based on the sun’s position, these blades can be adjusted to provide the best shading throughout the day. Integrated weather sensors ensure that your pergola adapts to changing conditions thereby keeping your pool area cool and protected. Thus, combining cutting-edge technology with elegant design, the Carrera becomes an exquisite addition to every summer oasis.

Stand-alone pergola featuring zip shades and panoramic glass panels, offering a scenic 360-degree view by the pool in a high elevation area.

Elevate your Outdoor Living

By mixing different pergolas in combination with various pool designs, you are able to achieve a personal outdoor space that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Each pergola comes with its own set of features which will enable you make a stylish but functional swimming pool area that adds value to your outdoor living experience. In fact, mix up several pergolas so as to create separate sections; restful places for eating or entertainment thus making it the ultimate summer escape.

For more stunning pool and pergola projects, follow us on Instagram and TikTok @privluxinc. Have Privlux Inc., bring your vision into life as it helps you develop luxurious summer oases that maximize potential from outdoor space.

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