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The Carrera

The latest bioclimatic products on the market, Carrera's innovation is evident in the roof's dynamic design: fixed and movable aluminum blades alternate on two depths, resulting in a sophisticated 3D roof effect. Upon command, the movable blades elevate and shift to vanish above the fixed ones in flawless alignment. The blades can move from right to left or vice versa beyond the fixed perimeter to stop at any point based on sun position or desired light intensity. A technology in partnership with Privlux Inc.'s weather sensors enables Carrera to adapt its movement based on the sun's position throughout the day, from morning till evening.

New generation of bioclimatic pergolas

The innovation of Carrera is evident in the dynamic roof design, which features alternating fixed and movable aluminum blades on two different depth levels, resulting in a sophisticated 3D roof effect.
With the user's command, the movable blades elevate and shift to disappear above the fixed blades in flawless alignment. The blades can move left to right or right to left, surpassing the fixed blade perimeter to pause at any position based on the sun's direction or desired light level.

IMG CARRERA_04_1.jpg

Enhanced comfort and flexibility

The Carrera roof provides excellent lighting comfort and the enjoyable air recirculation characteristic of Pratic's most innovative bioclimatic products.

When shut, the profiles and seals work together to block light and water, guaranteeing the highest level of comfort. Furthermore, the inclusion of fixed blades also transforms the possibilities for set-up. For the very first time, a pergola roof enables the hanging of items like chandeliers, heaters, and other elements.

Distinctly stylish

Carrera can be adapted for self-supporting or wall-mounting, and can also include Raso vertical blinds, Glass Series perimeter glazing, Set modular platforms, LED lighting, electrical and USB outlets, and the incorporation of home automation systems like Alexa and Google Home.


On the other hand, two new additions have been introduced for pergola decor: the stylish ornamental Drapes curtains, and the innovative modular aluminum Mod-Lines furnishing accessory that can match the cover color.

In terms of color as well, Privlux Inc.'s advancement is seen again, utilizing the Qualicoat Seaside pretreatment and a range of Class 2 powders to create unique shading systems in either solid or multicolored tones.


Experience Carrera today.

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